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Switzerland has the most concentrated network of petrol stations in Europe. Petrol stations are the lifeblood of personal mobility. The sky’s the limit for the petrol stations of the future, both in terms of innovative fuels and customer preferences. A lot will change, but tried and tested successes are here to stay. The petrol station is a place where a wide cross-section of society meets. Exciting mobility-related questions are at the core of this activity, questions which brings into focus. These fascinating questions are addressed and answered as part of the campaign.


2019 GIMS

The successful concept of the «fuel station of the Future» from the previous year was further developed at the Geneva International Motor Show to become the «Fuel Station of the Future 2.0», characterised by the expanded range of fuels, their possibilities and the service requirements of an increasingly mobile society.

Together with Avenergy Suisse and partners Empa, Hyundai and AMAG, the focus was on presenting the latest technological developments as well as customer expectations of the filling station in an inforative and tangible way.

The technological development of the fuel types and their new possibilities was demonstrated with the simulation of hydrogen refuelling at Hyundai NEXO and the introduction of e-fuels (synthetic fuels). By refuelling with e-fuel, it should be possible in future for everyone to travel CO2-neutrally with their original car. In order to present this innovation thematically, a classic VW Beetle was on the stand.  

For the first time, a hydrogen-powered e-bike from Linde was shown and the H2Mobility app was used to present the network of European hydrogen filling stations.

The heart of the stand was the winning project of the first national design competition "Fuel Station of the Future", which was made tangible by augmented reality.





In view of the rapid changes in individual mobility, a look into the future is indispensable for gas stations. What future expectations and demands does the mobile person have of the filling station as a fuel supplier and all-round service provider? In collaboration with Avenergy Suisse, we had consumers answer this question directly and announced the first national design competition «The Fuel Station of the Future – 2030?»

Together with the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), QuZ announced a design competition for the “Fuel Station of the Future” as part of the "Always in Motion" initiative in autumn 2018. This competition was created after a Mad Think Tank in May 2018.

The tender was aimed at young designers, architects and graphic designers. From numerous project submissions, the five-member jury selected four projects, which were exhibited at the Geneva International Motor Show in 2019. The winning project was presented using an augmented reality installation. The second to fourth placed projects could be explored on interactive screens.




GIMS 2018

Which fuels will people fill up on at the petrol stations of the future, and which services will be offered there? The ‘Fuel Station of the Future’ stand at the Geneva International Motor Show examined just these sorts of questions. QuZ created the Fuel Station of the Future at the Motor Show in 2018.

For the very first time, Avenergy Suisse (formerly Swiss Oil Association) was represented at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show. Together with partners Empa and Hyundai, the "Fuel Station of the Future" was operated. Visitors were able to find out about fuels at the "Fuel Station of the Future", relax in the relaxation zone, enjoy a cold brew coffee or refuel a Hyundai ix35 fuel cell with hydrogen using a tank simulator. At the Empa Tower, they were able to chat with a representative in person or use a touchscreen to find out about the production of hydrogen. Seven fuel pumps with touchscreens provided valuable information about all the fuels available today. Another striking feature was the large LED wave with flowing water projected onto it.


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