It all starts

with an idea


“An advertising agency is a service provider that offers companies and agencies consulting, conception, planning, design and implementation services for advertising and other communication measures.

The term unconventional describes the type of advertising agency that not only offers traditional advertising services, but a whole spectrum of advertising measures."

(2010 Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property)

An unconventional advertising agency® – registered trademark of Quade & Zurfluh AG.

GfM – Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Marketing

SMG - Schweizerische Management Gesellschaft

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Out of the box

An unconventional way of thinking is indispensable for the development of interdisciplinary concepts.

On the Limmat

Located on Hardturmstrasse we are constantly inspired by our view of the Limmat River.


Teambuilding by letting off steam together with a game of table football is key to us.